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Invite a Friend to join our Union

NASUWT members are proud of their Union. We know this because many teachers tell us they were recommended to join by another teacher who has experienced the excellent levels of support and service the NASUWT provides.

This scheme rewards loyal NASUWT members who recruit their friends and colleagues to join them in the largest teachers' union in the UK. The rewards take the form of Love 2 Shop vouchers (or equivalent) with incremental rises in the value of the voucher for every member recruited.

There has never been a more challenging time to be a teacher and never has it been more important to be a member of a union like the NASUWT, which provides unrivalled representation and support for its members, on an individual and collective basis.

Invite your friends and colleagues to join and if they become members between 1 January 2016 and 16 December 2016, the NASUWT recruiter will receive rewards in the form of Love2shop vouchers, which can be spent at over 85 leading retailers throughout the UK.

Your rewards will increase with every successful invite you make:

  1. 1 member £10
  2. 2 to 5 members £15 for each member recruited
  3. 6+ members £20 for each member recruited

For example, an NASUWT member recruiting 3 new members would receive £45 in Love 2 Shop vouchers and an NASUWT member recruiting 7 new members would receive £140 in Love 2 Shop vouchers.

The new member will receive 12 months of free membership from the point of joining when they agree to pay their future subscriptions by direct debit.

In addition, the new member can then start to earn rewards by inviting their friends and colleagues to join them in the NASUWT.

Remember that your friends and colleagues must quote your name and membership number when joining the Union in order for you to receive your rewards. If you do not know your membership number you can check with the NASUWT Membership Team by making one quick call to 03330 145550.

You may wish to invite your friends by word of mouth or you may wish to access the online resources and information that the Union has produced to help you invite your friends and colleagues to join you in the NASUWT. You will find full information about the reward scheme and a wide variety of resources, including invites for you to personalise and email or print and hand deliver in the resources section of this page.

The quickest and easiest way for the teachers you recruit to join the Union is either online on the join online page or by telephoning the Membership Team on 03330 145550 (option 2).

Invite a Friend England [pdf - 434 kb]

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Current Membership Offers

The current membership offers the NASUWT have in place include free and then further reduced subscriptions for newly qualified teachers and free subscriptions for student teachers. There is also free membership for 12 month from the point of joining for any practicing teacher that has not been subject to a free membership offer recently and agrees to provide bank details for future monthly direct details at the point of joining.Teachers can also view the NASUWT's current subscription rates for when they do have to start paying subscriptions to the Union.