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The Walsall NASUWT Team

Every year the NASUWT has a National Conference which is attended by local delegates, where the membership decides the direction for the union over the coming years. We are the only teacher union where this democratic process takes place. We, the membership decide the motions to be discussed and vote whether we want the National Executive to adopt them.

We also have an annual regional conference where delegates sound out the potential motions intended to be put to conference and this photograph is Paulette and Dave at a recent regional conference in Leamington.



Paulette Welter General Secretary
Ex President and Vice President of Walsall NASUWT Association
School Representative at and seconded from Joseph Leckie Academy
Teacher of Maths since 2006

Wendy Duffus Assistant Secretary,
Seconded from Joseph Leckie Academy Teacher of Business Studies since 2007

Camille Ebanks-Powell Walsall NASUWT Treasurer
Teacher of ICT Joseph Leckie Academy

Deuaine Simmonds Walsall NASUWT President
Pastoral Head and Teacher of RE at Joseph Leckie Academy

Andrea Stephens Executive Member Walsall NASUWT Association
National BME Advisor, Membership Secretary and Benevolence Officer
Assistant Head Teacher at Pheasey Park Farm Primary

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Current Membership Offers

The current membership offers the NASUWT have in place include free and then further reduced subscriptions for newly qualified teachers and free subscriptions for student teachers. There is also free membership for 12 month from the point of joining for any practicing teacher that has not been subject to a free membership offer recently and agrees to provide bank details for future monthly direct details at the point of joining.Teachers can also view the NASUWT's current subscription rates for when they do have to start paying subscriptions to the Union.